For stage 1

1.  Participants participating in number of categories shall submit their entries of each category in a separate 'envelope A'. Each such 'envelope A' shall bear category wise competition code, at the top center of the envelope. Each envelope is sealed individually. All such sealed 'envelope A' & 'envelope B' shall be enclosed in a single docket and sealed properly and shall bear all the competition codes on the docket too.

       Envelope – A 

Pen drive containing the design in PDF format  as follows

  •  A2 composed sheets

  • Landscape format

  • Maximum 3 sheets  ( per building in each category )

  • Containing -     a) All floor plans, sections, elevation ( Appropriate scale)

                                 b) 3D Image / Perspective 

                                 c) Concept note.

  •  Approximate estimation (use SSR rates of state of Maharashtra), specifications, etc. in excel format.

  •  Walkthrough / flash presentation not more than 60 seconds.

  • All submission drawings, documents shall bear 1 cm. high unique code on the top right-hand side of the sheet.

           Envelope – B 

  •  Declaration in given format on letterhead, duly signed by the participant.

  •  I card size photographs of the contestant/s with names at back.

  • Participant's profile.

2. Submission of design implies acceptance of the competition conditions. Participants are advised to retain copies of the design submitted.

3. No symbol, motto or distinguishing mark will be placed on any part of the competition entry, envelope, docket. Any such attempt will disqualify the participant's entry. 

4. Each design entry must be accompanied by a declaration signed by the participant or joint participants and enclosed in the 'envelope B'. Each participant must be prepared to satisfy the Board of Assessors that he is the bonafide author of the design he has submitted.

5. Submission of entries for Stage 1, delivered by hand/post/forwarding agent must reach the office of the organizer, IIA Satara Center at its given address not later than 15-03-2022, 6.00 pm. Receipt with the date and time of delivery will be issued by the organizer to the participant.

6. If the packet has to travel a long distance, it may be dispatched in a wooden crate. Both the packet and the wooden crate will bear only the name and address of the organizer and the competition code number.

7. Registration fees of the competition are nonrefundable.

8. Registration is nontransferable to any other participant or to any other category.


  • Architects participating in the competition shall surrender their design copyrights to the Promoters.

Promoters Reserves Right To Execute/ Reproduce/ Print/ Display Of Design In Competition Magazine/ Souvenir/ Exhibition. 

  • Organizers have the right to modify /reschedule any or all conditions of competition.


  • Each participant is responsible for insuring his entry against loss, damage, or non-delivery up to the time of its receipt by the organizer at the given address.