FAQ Section


Know more about the presentation format required for the submission of the design. Details regarding sheet size, template, design requirements for submission, number of sheets to be submitted will be very helpful for us to prepare accordingly.

Answer: Please visit the ' Submission Process ' page to know the detailed submission process.


I was not able to get any information about the site for the project on your website.

Answer: This competition is a prototype. Hence no site is to be considered. You can assume as per requirements and north also.


Is there any PDF for the design brief and other information, or its just only the website?

Answer: Please follow as mentioned in the docket, previously sent to you only. No additional design brief will be required.


The only mail I received about the competition was about the area statement, is it the only thing about the docket or there is any more information for which we should wait?

Answer: Detailed requirements are already sent to all registered participants on their E-Mail address used for payments. Still, if someone has missed the E-Mail, please click here to download the docket. Kindly note the cost of Anganwadi & Single Classroom work is revised from 9.00 to 11.25 lac


Primary school building with 4/5 classrooms

Answer: There is no specific budget mentioned for primary school buildings yet it has to be cost-effective.


Shall we consider that the requirement is to combine the Anganwadi design with the single classroom with multiple extensions, or the single classroom with extensions area should be kept separate?

Answer: Saparate Design should be considered for anganwadi & single classroom


Is it possible to have a look at the current PWD prototypes for the categories mentioned in the competition?

Answer: Click here to download the current PWD prototypes.


Our team consists of 2 members although, throughout the registration process, only one of our names was asked. Do we include the other team members only while submitting the participant's profile at the time of the submission of our entry?

Answer: One Lead member with COA valid membership and other names can be added in the declaration form.  

Click Here to download the document.


Format for the letterhead, to be shared in Envelope - 1.

Answer: Click the download link from the FAQ page on the website for required information.


Is there any Site location, with a location tag, if any, with its orientational aspects, or if prototype, then kindly share the site dimensions.

Answer: Site is not a constraint. Participants can choose orientation by defining north on the drawing.


How is it possible for a competitor from a Taluka of Gadchiroli District to send a docket within the timeline by registered post as service of Indians Post are not working properly because of ST strike and Covid 19, can't the promoters accept the docket sent by electronic modes?

Answer: Submitting in time is the participant’s responsibility. If someone feels that he is far away then he can send it early.


There is confusion regarding the submission of Estimates as you are mentioned the submission of Estimates in stage-I deliverables, kindly give a clear idea about this.

Answer: Submit block estimate in phase I on plinth area basis. Finalists need to submit detailed estimates in phase II along with detailed drawings.


. I registered for the competition under my name, but will be collaborating with another architect registered with the CoA. Do I have to mention the name of the other collaborating architect somewhere, or is it okay if I mention it in the profile of the team to be submitted (Envelope B)?

You can add his name in the declaration form. Click Here to download the document.


Is given area requirement is carpet area or built up area? Like included porch,steps etc.for Example anganwadi is 45 sq.m then could we exclude courtyard or play area in 45 sq.m or should it be included in 45 sq.m?

Answer: 45 sqm area is the carpet area. Add for walls & other. But Budget restriction for Anganwadi and single classroom is 11.25 lac only.


Address for submission of designs.

Please Click Here for the address.