About Competition:

Almost more than 50% of the state's population is living in the cities and most of them are first-generation migrants from rural parts of the states. The villages are left with elders and part of youth that is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. 


Health and public building facilities are part of basic infrastructure requirements of any human settlement. In the recent COVID pandemic, the need for good health facilities and administrative set up has become of immense importance all over the world. In this post COVID world which is trying to find a firm bearing to face the future, It is Architect's who will shoulder the responsibility of producing building design that will not only provide functionally efficient facilities but, go many steps ahead and provide a climatically, socially responsive built form that will heal the inhabitants on both physiological and psychological grounds. 

In this competition Architect's compassionate approach along with the love for creating buildings that will express,  the strong foundations of human values that have been underlined by many respectable citizens of the World including our very own Gadage Baba, Gandhiji and the alikes, will lead to the contemporary Architecture that will endure the test of time and be sustainable as well as all inclusive.


The stage I of the competition will include prototype ideas for various  buildings divided under categories based on PWD norms and budgetary restrictions, set by the Satara Zilla Parishad.

The participants qualifying for the stage II, shall have to submit detailed working drawings and estimates based on the current SSR item rates. 


The promoter will place a secretariat at the disposal of the Board of Assessors to minute their meetings and record their decisions. The deliberations of the Board of Assessors will be secret. No member of the Board or Technical Adviser or member of the promoter staff or competition secretariat may disclose any details of the competitions, deliberations or decisions. The decisions of the Board of Assessors are final and binding on the promoter and competitors. The judging the entries are scheduled to take place during the month of Mar 2022 and any delay agreed by the Board of Assessors will be publicly announced. The promoter will announce the award of the competition not later than two weeks after the judging has been complete.


The following members have been appointed on the Board of Assessors to advise the conduct of the competition, adjudicate on the designs submitted and make the award.

  • Ar. Madhav Joshi Pune

  • Ar. Usha Rangrajan, PCMC Pune

  • Ar. Sachin Agshikar, Mumbai

  • Supt. PWD, Satara

  • Civil Surgon Satara / Education Officer Z P Satara

In case any of the above mentioned Assessors is not available, an addition of new name to the Board of Assessors will be done by the Promoter.


In the event of dispute not related to the judging procedure or the award of the Board of Assessors, the settlement will be by the arbitration without recourse to the legal authorities. The jurisdiction for any kind of dispute will be Satara.


The promoter will publish the award of the Board of Assessors and inform the authors of the prize winning and premiered designs individually. Selected designs will be exhibited on the day of Award Ceremony together with the copy of the signed report of the Board of Assessors. The date of award ceremony & exhibition will also be conveyed individually to selected competitors in advance.


If against all expectations entertained by the Promoter the result of the competition is such that none of the participants could be declared by the Assessor as the winner of the competition, competition could be regarded as terminated and the promoter will on the advice of the Board of Assessor award the second, third and the additional prizes to the selected by the Board.


If competition is terminated due to any unavoidable circumstance viz. natural or manmade calamities change in
govt. policies, registration charges will not be refunded.


Anonymity will be strictly observed at all stages of the competition by the competitors, by the Board of Assessors, by the Promoter and by all those concerned with competition.




  1.  Anganwadi ( Carpet area 45 sqm each)

  2. Single  classroom (Carpet area 45 sqm each)

  3. Primary school with 4/5 classroom.  (Carpet area 45 sqm each)


  1. Public Healthcare Center          (Carpet area 566 sqm each)

  2. Public Healthcare Sub Center  (Carpet area 164 sqm each)


  1. Type A ( Carpet area 50 sqm each)

  2. Type B ( Carpet area 75 sqm each)

  3. Type D  ( Carpet area 90 sqm each)


  1. Dispensary Type I                      ( Carpet area 100 sqm each)

  2. Dispensary Type II                      ( Carpet area 290 sqm each)


  1. Grampanchayat Office Building Type I                           ( Carpet area 90 sqm each)

  2. Grampanchayat Office Building Type II                          ( Carpet area 55 sqm each)

  3. Talathi Office                              ( Carpet area 50 sqm each)